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Music on the Water

Classical music for all in the beauty of England's inland waterways

About Music on the Water

Music on the Water is a new registered charity formed in 2020 with the mission of bringing classical music to different audiences in and around London with performances given on a canal boat, providing the historical backdrop of the inland waterways to a much-loved art form. The mobile nature of our 'concert hall' means that we are able to bring professional performances to new areas that perhaps don't have an active concert hall within easy access, and also provide a unique and interesting venue for those in Central London who may already be frequent classical music performance attendees.



All events held by Music on the Water will take place on the boat, 'Rachmaninov' from The Piano Boat, a new widebeam canal boat host to a Steinway grand piano and able to carry an audience of 16. Concert weekends will be held once a month throughout the year, with 4 short performances of popular and appealing classical repertoire per day across the weekend.

Concerts were due to start in May 2020, but are inevitably delayed due to COVID-19. We are continuing to review government advice and dates will be published when we have the necessary information.


Other Events

Music on the Water will also host an educational series of events, including masterclasses, talks and workshops. Dates and topics will be released as soon as these become available. As with the concerts, we are regularly reviewing the government's advice in line with begining our events.


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