Fruit Punch, established in April 1994 in the UK, is a small voluntary group of parents of children with special needs and other people interested in welfare issues.

Fruit Punch believe that all children with special needs, whether born in the UK or moved here with their parents, should receive the appropriate medical, educational and social welfare services regardless of their culture or language. To help support these objectives, Fruit Punch promotes the exchange of information and carries out various other activities, such as:

Holding regular meetings to share information.
Issuing quarterly newsletters.
Publishing a handbook in Japanese explaining clearly the British medical, educational, and social welfare systems for children with special needs.
Holding enjoyable events, such as concerts, in which children with and without special needs can participate in together.

The name Fruit Punch comes from the need for fruits with different tastes and shapes to make a delicious drink. It aims to show that people of all abilities each add their own particular "flavour" and contributes to a group or to society in general.

Why don't you come and participate in the Fruit Punch network?
If you would like to join or are just interested, plase contact the address below.
You can write in either English or Japanese:

P.O. Box 157
WD17 4AR