Kate Elmitt
My life has always been full of music and I can't imagine existing without it.
I have been privileged to have performed with first class musicians all over Europe and the Far East and continue to do so.
Examining, adjudication (glorified teaching!), mentoring and teaching piano & cello have all stimulated my musical development and understanding.
I was born into a musical family, starting to learn the piano age 4 and the cello a few years later.
As I travel the world I am continually meeting past students who have happy memories of lessons and assure me that classical music is an important part of their lives.
It is humbling to realise just how many students I have taught and how many have become professional musicians.
My aim in life has been to inspire and encourage folk of all ages and standards to love and embrace classical music.
I have performed in 100s of schools with two singers (The Magic Music Bus), with Catherine Wilmers, cellist (The Magic Carpet), and with John Railton, pianist, who lost an arm through Cancer.
'Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the work you've done with me this year!!
Although Grade 8 was a huge challenge, your teaching really inspired me to do my very best – so thanks!
Looking forward to next year's challenges – bring on the diploma!
Thanks once again,
E. '

'Thank you for all your encouragement and being a wonderful supportive teacher.

'Thank you for being the best ever piano teacher to me over the past eleven years. You have been so inspiring and encouraging, and I will really miss our piano lessons. I hope that music will always remain a part of my life, and I will definitely come back for concerts from time to time!
L. '

'I have not properly thanked you for getting me through my Diploma. For a variety of reasons – the Diploma assumed a massive importance in my mind and the fact that I achieved it is due, in large part, to you; to your enthusiasm, encouragement and belief in me. Thank you so much – it really is very important to me.
Thank you for being such a kind and wonderful person. Having a lesson with you is like having intravenous champagne!
T. '
'What students say about me: